Academic work is an intellectual task as much as it is a practical skill. Because of this, I believe it is important to integrate practical exercises and research examples in teaching. I have followed this understanding througout my career, teaching courses that cover topics in advanced sociological theory as well as practical, hands-on training in several methodological approaches. At Munich, I organized lectures and seminars on classical and contemporary Social Theory with a focus on modernization. At Cambridge, I supervised undergraduates on Introduction to Sociology and Social Theory and delivered lectures on Social Research Practices. At Duke, I ran workshops on Social Network Analysis. At Bern, I lecture on Social Theory, give introductory classes on Cultural Sociology, Pierre Bourdieu, and Field Theories, and hold advanced seminars on aspects of Culture, Networks, and Cognition. I offer practical courses on Computational Techniques including text and network analysis (in R), crowd sourcing, and cloud computing to use new forms of large-scale data.